Director of Sales & Marketing

Shuttling back and forth between her native Chicago and Hollywood home away from home, Lejla's ever-present smile and feisty exuberance has won over clients, both old and new.

After graduating Columbia College with full honors, Lejla has demonstrated her excellence at Vagabond Audio, Production Craft, Audio Producers Group, and most recently as an Account Exec at TV BosTel.


Ron Levinson

President, Director, Producer, Writer

Founder & CEO of Marblepoint, Ron is passionate about providing Marblepoint clients with exceptional service whatever their media needs.

Lin Chen

Senior Vice President, Finance

Responsible for all financial aspects of the company, Lin has held multiple positions in corporate accounting, financial reporting and auditing.

Yen Nguyen

Director of Asian Sales & Marketing
Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Yen is Marblepoint's primary "point person" for the entire Asian continent.